Thursday, July 7, 2011

I wonder if these will attract any butterflies?

Did you know that the Black Eyed Susan is Maryland's State flower? Well, ours are blooming now, and Lanie is really excited about it. The Preakness Race often uses Black Eyed Susans as decorations at the track, but since the race is earlier than their normal bloom time, they actually paint other daisy varieties (imposters). At least, that is the way they used to do it years ago when I saw a news story about it!

Julie in patriotic play clothes

Julie in patriotic play clothes, originally uploaded by JLP2000.

Poor Julie! She was all set to go with us to the Outer Banks, but we discovered that we were "traveling heavy" so I had to cut back on the size of our group. She is okay, now, and is glad that she got to be the first to wear one of our newer MyAG outfits!