Sunday, January 20, 2013

January Sweater Weather

Melissa heard a hint that maybe somethings for Riley might fit her. so we got out the box of Hitty clothes and found the sweaters that they inherited from Riley.  She picked out the one in her favorite color.  It was a tight fit over her top, but with some careful pulling, we were able to get it on.  I don't want to stretch the sweater out by attempting to button it up.  
Sweater Weather in January!

It was really warm today, and a sweater was enough to go outside.  She was surprised by what she found - a big hint that Spring will be coming.  I think there's still a chance we'll see some snow before Spring really arrives.  Weather in Maryland fluxuates a lot!
Winter Sunshine
Everyone in the Baltimore metropolitan area and suburbs is wearing purple today, but Melissa only has lavender!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Melissa's Winter Dress

Melissa is a little clothes horse!  She wanted to show off her dress.  It is warm, cozy and a little flowery!  She is thinking about Spring, even though it is very cold outside!

Warm, Cozy and a little Flowery

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Meet Elsi

This is Elsi.  She is a 2005 Zwergnase Little Junior who has found her way here to Maryland from Germany, via Wisconsin.  I've been curious about this doll line for 7, maybe 8 years. They remind me of hobbits, dwarves, gnomes and the like..  She will be fun to sew for - I think an old-world style with a lot of whumy is in order!
She is 13.7" tall and all vinyl.  When I ordered her, I thought she might have brown eyes, and was surprised when she emerged from her bag with blue.  I have a thing for blue eyed brunettes, maybe you've noticed that?  My husband, children and I all have various shades of blue eyes, so yes, I really do like blue!    Elsi's eyes are a bit wonky and out of line - the way mine would be if it weren't for the eye surgeries and so many eye therapy appointments that I had in my early childhood.
Meet Elsi

Her little hat has flower petal edges.  The blue stripes you see at the bottom of her dress are actually an underskirt or slip that's separate from her overdress.  Her shoes are much larger than her feet.  They are well made of a grey suede with rubber soles that have tiny treads.  I may see if she can borrow shoes from other dolls here, but I think the big shoes are a fun look for this gal.

Yearning for warmer days

Her gently curved arms look like they were made to hold things - she needs her own teddy bear, little doll or a big bunch of flowers, don't you think?

Elsi close up

Her face seems to have a large variety of expressions, depending on the angle you look at her.

The many faces of Elsi

Her auburn hair is a bit wild and coarse.  The back part is longer and was in a rubber band ponytail, but I took it out to keep it from damaging her hair.  Her hair seems dry and has a mind of its own - could be the dry air and spending 7 years in a doll bag!  I may see what I can do to tame it.

Seeking other Zwergnase Little Juniors!

I am still getting to know Elsi, her story and her personality.  She is wondering if there are any other Little Junior Zwergnase out there who might like to play with her?