Sunday, January 20, 2013

January Sweater Weather

Melissa heard a hint that maybe somethings for Riley might fit her. so we got out the box of Hitty clothes and found the sweaters that they inherited from Riley.  She picked out the one in her favorite color.  It was a tight fit over her top, but with some careful pulling, we were able to get it on.  I don't want to stretch the sweater out by attempting to button it up.  
Sweater Weather in January!

It was really warm today, and a sweater was enough to go outside.  She was surprised by what she found - a big hint that Spring will be coming.  I think there's still a chance we'll see some snow before Spring really arrives.  Weather in Maryland fluxuates a lot!
Winter Sunshine
Everyone in the Baltimore metropolitan area and suburbs is wearing purple today, but Melissa only has lavender!


Serenata said...

She looks so very pretty in that colour and is such a sweetheart. We have bulbs coming up as well! Although you can't see them now as they are covered with snow.

Bama said...

She is so cute! Lavender is her color.

ntinksrus said...

Her outfit is just so pretty!!

ntinksrus said...

Her outfit is so very pretty!!