Monday, December 19, 2011

Can't Christmas Come Tonight?

Can't Christmas Come Tonight?, originally uploaded by JLP2000.

I found Rosy Bumps'n'Bruises while out Christmas shopping with my husband on Friday. We usually go to the same Target that is near our church, but we decided to go to the one a bit further away, and there were only 2 "large" Lalaloopsys. Rosy was one of them, and I had to have her. I've been looking for her for awhile. She was made from a nurses uniform. My Mom was a nurse. Sometimes I'm too fast and get clumsy, and I bruise easily, so having my own "nurse" might be a good idea! I love her hair style - I think she is going to be one of my favorite Lala's! Of course, I do love all of my Lala's...
So Rosy is eager for Christmas to come, and while she is waiting, she's all snuggley in some nice, warm pj's! Now, where are those cookies and milk?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Samantha's Make Over

Samantha has been sporting the same face up since she came here, back in May 2007.  Lately she's been wearing a reddish wig, that matches that face up extremely well, but she just hasn't been herself.

She felt like trying on one of her earliest wigs, but when she did, an eyelash came off, and it messed up her face up around her eyes.  It was time for a little bit of a makeover!  While we were at it, she tried on some different eyes that we had around from other dolls - she's had the same green ones since she arrived.  She picked brown glass eyes!

So, she tried on a few wigs.  Here's the wig she remembered.  We actually trimmed it a little so that she wouldn't sit on it!

Then she thought, new eyes, maybe it is time for new hair?!  So, she borrowed Leah's wig, right off of her head!  Poor Leah, she really likes this wig a lot, but since Samantha has been so down lately, she figured she'd be willing to do anything to cheer up her friend.  After all, it would give her a chance to try something different, too.

She's going to keep this one for a bit, and try to decide if she wants to keep this look or go back to being a blond.  What do you think?  Blond or brunette?