Saturday, March 17, 2012

Faith meets a Leprechaun?

Faith went outside to see if she could find a lucky clover today. As she wondered through the tall grass, she encountered a small creature that claimed to be a leprechaun. He asked her if she would help him look for the pot of gold he had lost. "Are you sure it is YOUR pot of gold that is missing?" she asked. "I've never met a leprechaun, but I imagined they would look a bit different..."

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Playing with Play Wonder Clothes

Since I am not too fussy about fit when I can buy clothes for my dolls that are not expensive and not "supposed to" fit the doll that will be wearing the outfit, I decided to see if Target's Play Wonder outfits might fit my Kidz n Cats girls.  Since Gracie is already sporting a nice Spring outfit that she came in, Galina and Louisa volunteered to model the new outfits.

Galina needs better shoes

Louisa in Play Wonder outfit and OG shoes

One of the problems with these outfits is that they do not come with shoes.  I have a bunch of Out Generation shoes that my AG dolls refuse to wear.  They are too big on the Kidz, too, but they are willing to use them until I am able to order some shoes that fit better.  That might happen more quickly if they stopped inviting their friends to live here!  Anyway, the shorts on Louisa fit well, but the capris on Galina were very big, so there's a safety pin rather than velcro fastening them in the back!  The tops are loose, but that makes them comfy and easier to play in.  Louisa just loves the hat, although it is a bit smooshed compared to the one in the photo that was in the hangtag!

I borrowed my husband's DSLR to take today's photos, so the girls felt like models!  Sadly, before venturing into the yard for photos, I thought I would try to get some from the front porch, and the wind blew Louisa over!  Poor girl got a few scratches - on her forehead, her nose and her cheek.  I was really sad and disappointed, but Louisa just looked at me and said "Guess you're stuck with me now!"  Ha, ha!  Little did she know, she already had my heart wrapped around her little finger.  I guess I'll just have to love her even more!


In a couple weeks, this outfit will be too warm!

Or maybe not!

Last weekend, I finished this outfit for Faith, my Ruby Red Senson In Motion Tori. I used a pattern from Fletcher Pattern Company. By the time the last snaps were sewn on, it was too dark to take pictures. Faith has been enjoying wearing her new play clothes all week, but is looking forward to wearing her new dress that I finished last weekend, too!