Saturday, March 17, 2012

Faith meets a Leprechaun?

Faith went outside to see if she could find a lucky clover today. As she wondered through the tall grass, she encountered a small creature that claimed to be a leprechaun. He asked her if she would help him look for the pot of gold he had lost. "Are you sure it is YOUR pot of gold that is missing?" she asked. "I've never met a leprechaun, but I imagined they would look a bit different..."


all4dolls said...

I don't think that is a leprechaun! teehee

~ Kiki

DollMum said...

Faith is beautiful, especially in the meadow

Jen said...

DollMum - thanks for the compliments on Faith! The meadow is actually my front yard, right before my son cut the grass for the first time this year!
Kiki - I think you are right. That is definitely not a leprechaun. I think that Domo was trying to pull a fast one over on us!

Bama said...

I don't know how I missed this! Faith is beautiful! I have been looking at these pretty dolls for awhile now. Trying to resist though! LOL! The domo is cute too!

I just started a second dolly blog for my new LittleFees. I hope you will pop over and visit me. Here's the link: