Sunday, December 7, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas: Baking Day

Hi!  It's me - Gwynith Linette.  Bet you thought I'd left the planet, right?  Ha!  Nope, I'm still around.  I've just been really busy with things like school and homework and other stuff.  Guess what?  

Getting Ready for Christmas

One of my best friends, Olivia, came over today!  And guess what we did?

Getting Ready for Christmas

We made a huge mess in the kitchen.  We made cupcakes, and cookies, and rice crispy treats...

Getting Ready for Christmas

And a gingerbread house!  Isn't it cool?

Getting Ready for Christmas

We had a lot of fun working together to make lots of treats for our friends,

Getting Ready for Christmas

But the gingerbread house is my favorite.  I've always wanted to make one!  It's so pretty, I don't want to eat it!

Getting Ready for Christmas

Toasty invited her friends over, too!  Meatloaf, Pepper, Sugar and Toasty were really hoping we'd drop a lot of things on the floor for them so that they could help clean up!

Getting Ready for Christmas

Everybody, smile for the camera!  It's really hard to get the dogs to focus!  Ha, ha!

I can't wait for Christmas!  I hope you are having fun getting ready, too!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Picking Out School Clothes

It was a dreary, rainy day in Maryland today.  The girls decided to pick out some clothes for wearing back to school.  They decided to have a little fashion show and use the island in the kitchen as their stage.  Here's what they picked out.

Gwynith Linette picked denim capris with a top and vest:
Gwynith Linette - MyAG39\

Isabelle thought just throwing on a jacket would be enough for fall!  Since she goes to a special school, she spends more time in dance clothes than street clothes!
Isabelle - GOTY 2014

Saige couldn't wait to get out her colorful Southwest flavored sweater!
Saige - GOTY 2013\

Lanie wanted to keep things simple:
Lanie - GOTY 2010

Kanani liked the purple and blue outfit and thought the boots would be a fun change from island wear.
Kanani - GOTY 2011

Olivia chose a soft corduroy jumper and ankle boots.
Olivia - MyAG17

Wendy thought a plaid dress would be pretty, even if it isn't practical for playing.
Wendy - MyAG57

The girls had a lot of fun for it being the last Saturday before school starts.  They all promised to get their person to try to post on the blog more, too!