Friday, December 19, 2008

Trouble Sleeping

Jen:  What are you doing up still, Samantha?

Samantha:  I can't sleep.  I keep thinking about Christmas, and everything we need to do to get ready.  It is so exciting.  Do you think Mary felt that way about baby Jesus?

Jen:  Probably, considering she had to travel to Bethlehem when she was expecting a very special baby to be born.   I think you should try to get some sleep.  Maybe counting sheep will help.

Samantha:  Well, there are 2 here in this nativity..

Samantha:  And these three angel sheep were on the tree until they came to be counted, so that makes five.

Samantha:  And a prim sheep on the tree makes six.

Samantha:  And the Good Shepherd has a lamb, so that's seven, plus 4 more  in his flock, so that makes eleven!

Jen:  Samantha, you are heading to bed so really need to get some sleep.

Samantha: (peeking into the Hitty room) A sheep pull toy makes a dozen.

Samantha:  Abbie's lamb makes thirteen...



Jen: (whispering) Good night, Sam.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We put up the tree on Sunday evening.  Monday night was twirl practice, but this evening, M. went through the bin of other decorations and began putting them out.  I'll try to share some more pictures of our holiday decorations with you as Christmas approaches.  Here is a picture of Jenny, one of the first companions to join Jen's family, way back in 2000.  She doesn't look a day older than when she arrived.  Jen changed her into her Christmas dress today and found some red ribbons for her hair.

When Jenny saw our friends Ally and Lizzy on Doll Dance Blog, she wanted to be on the web, too!