Friday, December 19, 2008

Trouble Sleeping

Jen:  What are you doing up still, Samantha?

Samantha:  I can't sleep.  I keep thinking about Christmas, and everything we need to do to get ready.  It is so exciting.  Do you think Mary felt that way about baby Jesus?

Jen:  Probably, considering she had to travel to Bethlehem when she was expecting a very special baby to be born.   I think you should try to get some sleep.  Maybe counting sheep will help.

Samantha:  Well, there are 2 here in this nativity..

Samantha:  And these three angel sheep were on the tree until they came to be counted, so that makes five.

Samantha:  And a prim sheep on the tree makes six.

Samantha:  And the Good Shepherd has a lamb, so that's seven, plus 4 more  in his flock, so that makes eleven!

Jen:  Samantha, you are heading to bed so really need to get some sleep.

Samantha: (peeking into the Hitty room) A sheep pull toy makes a dozen.

Samantha:  Abbie's lamb makes thirteen...



Jen: (whispering) Good night, Sam.

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Anonymous said...

Counting sheep at bedtime is a good thing!