Saturday, May 29, 2010

Garden Update

In Emily's Victory Garden, we had to replace one of the tomato plants.  The nwe one appears to be doing much better. 

Lanie notices that the lilies match her new dress!Emily thinks that the tomato blossoms will probably be yellow and match her dress, when they come!

Kirsten put on the new dress and apron that I made her using the American Girl pattern.  She wanted to show you that the pink matched the impatiens, but she had a hard time finding a place where she could stand in the garden.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Doll A Week 21/52: Becky

This is Becky.  She is a Lati Yellow Byurl, and happens to be Amy and Wendy's younger sister. She arrived here on September 19, 2009.  She is probably one of the quietest kids here.  She is easy to impress and amaze with little tricks, stories and trivia.She has a pretty awesome imagination, too.  She can see the magic in little things we take for granted.

Becky loves to do things with her big sisters.  She also loves anything that is pretty and pink. Her favorite toys are a tiny stuffed lamb and a little dollhouse.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Doll A Week 20/52: Amy

This is Amy.  She is a Lati Yellow Lumi, and is my second Lati.  She is the very first BJD that I ordered from overseas, so I was really nervous!  She arrived on November 30, 2006.  She is the quietest of the Lati kids.  She loves anything that's girly, and has wonderful manners.  She's fixing ice tea with lots of  sugar for us to enjoy with our diner.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Doll A Week 19/52: Wendy

Wendy is my first Lati.  She's a Lati Yellow Lami.  She arrived here in August of 2006, via a Florida e-Bayer.  She might be little, but she is full of personality and is a lot of fun to have around.  Being a Lati, she's invited her relatives to come stay here with us, too!  She loves having her family around.  She also likes looking at Flickr to see photos of extended family, friends and other relatives.

Wendy has tried all kinds of hair-dos, but eventually, picked out the very first style she got a month after her arrival!  Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that you already have what you need!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day weekend started when I discovered that I could work from home on Friday afternoon!  On my way home, I got a phone call telling me that someone new had arrived!  It was Lanie!  She brought her bunny, Lulu, with her.  I once had a lop eared bunny, but she was much darker brown than Lulu, and not nearly as talented.  Lanie has trained Lulu to walk on a leash!  Lanie's dress reminds me of the preppy clothes I loved so much when I was in high school.

Her hair reminds us of "pageant hair", but it is naturally this way and doesn't take a night in curlers and a lot of fussing!Her hazel eyes are quite different in our blue-eyed human family, but Samantha, Catherine and a few other girls living here do have green eyes. Samantha loves butterflies, wildlife and flowers.  She discovered a butterly bush in our yard. Right now it is only a little bit taller than she is, but by the time it is ready to bloom, it will be over 6 feet tall!We were really excited to discover these hydrangea buds forming!  We've had very little luck getting these shrubs to bloom very well.  Maybe, if we are very lucky, we will get to see an abundance of flowers this summer!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Emily's Victory Garden

Today it is windy, overcast and threatening to thunderstorm!  So I thought I would share with you a picture of Emily's "Victory Garden."  We took these pictures a few weeks ago, but have been too busy to post them.  This little patch of ground is about all we can find that will get enough sunshine to grow vegetables, without putting it out in our front yard in full view of everyone who might come along and help themselves, since our backyard is wooded.  We hope these 2 baby tomato plants will grow to produce some yummy tomatoes for salads, sandwiches and hamburgers this summer!  We can't wait!

Emily is pretty excited about it and will be reminding us to post our gardening progress this summer!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Doll A Week 18/52: Susie

Susie is Emma and Sophie's cousin.  She is half-elf.  She has a sister who lives in New York named Lucy.  They are pen pals.  Susie is really excited to have her cousins here! She waited for almost 5 months for them to arrive.  She is glad that they got here in time for summer!  Summer is Susie's favorite time of the year.  Even though it is still Spring, it feels like summer this weekend because we are getting near-record high temperatures - over 90 degrees!

Jen says she isn't ready for summer to get here quite yet!

- Samantha

A Doll A Week 17/52: Sophie

Last week, you met this little girl.  This week, she told us that her name is Emma, and she wanted a softer hairstyle.  We were able to help her find the look she wanted, and now she is really happy with her new look - even if it is easily windblown.

This is "the other twin."  Her name is Sophie.  

We featured Sophie in our "A Doll A Week" photo pool contribution today for the week that ended yesterday.  We are a day late because yesterday, Jen, her husband and daughter finally went to see The Last Song at the movie theater and then did some shopping.  For some reason, the doll companions are not allowed on the computer when no one is home.  We think it might have to do with inviting friends and relatives to come stay with us, but we really don't see why anyone would have a problem with that.  Do you think that it's wrong to do that?

- Samantha