Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Doll A Week 43/52: DIM Sweet Eileen - Hannah

This is Hannah.  She came to live here in February of 2007.  She spent her younger years in Denver.  She loves old fashioned dresses and girlie clothes.  She has rather large hands, and we always wondered if she was a ball player of some sort, but she's never shown any interest at all in sports.  One day, she finally admitted, she is a musician, and can play all sorts of instruments.  Her favorite is the piano.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Doll A Week 42/52: Hitty Rosemary Wilson

Hitty Rosemary Wilson has lived her since April of 2005.  She is Hitty Beatrix Wilson's older sister.  She loves to garden and loves perennial flowers and herbs.  During the winter, when she can't garden outdoors, she enjoys her houseplants, baking and quilting.  She always has a word of encouragement for her friends and is able to find the silver lining of any gray cloud.  She makes lemonade with life gives her lemons!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Doll A Week 41/52: Hitty Beatrix Wilson

I am a few days late in posting my "A Doll A Week" photo and blog due to a family emergency.  Hitty Beatrix Wilson has been riding in my tote bag to and from the hospital since last Friday.  We didn't get home until almost 2 AM on Saturday morning, spent almost all day Saturday at the hospital, had to get up at 4 AM on Sunday to get there before the surgery.  My loved one is still in the hospital, but has a good prognosis, so I will have to go back to work tomorrow.  Hitty Beatrix has been a good source of comfort to me, and is asking if she might be of some help in dealing with the stress of work.  I will consider her offer very seriously!  My only fear is that she damage her own health in trying to be a help to me.

Hitty Beatrix has been with me since she was born from Gail Wilson "extra parts" back in March of 2007.  She is the younger sister of "kit" Hitty Rosemary Wilson, who I still need to introduce to you.  Hitty Beatrix is the calmer, more serene sister.  She loves animals and has two pet bunnies, Benjamin and Peter, who live in a rabbit hutch and little yard.  Hitty Beatrix loves to draw and paint, especially with watercolors.

- Jen

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Doll a Week 40/52: Catherine

This is Catherine.  She arrived on May 15, 2008 from Denver.  She was originally called Byeol by Souldoll, but she immediately corrected us all. Samantha would have corrected us anyway, because Catherine is Samantha's older sister.  She is taking college courses on-line because she doesn't want to be separated from her younger sister again.  When she isn't studying, she really enjoys entertaining and playing with all the younger girls that live here.  She is a big help with the little ones.  Someday, she may become a teacher.  We caught some photos of her this afternoon that we wanted to share.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mindy's New Dress

Jen found a bodice, collar and sleeve pattern on the Internet.  She made the bodice out of paper towels and discovered that it had no seam allowances, nor any allowance for overlapping for fastening the back.  She altered the pattern, so that it would fit and then got to work.  Today, Mindy got her new dress.  It was threatening to rain, but she didn't care - she wanted to get her picture taken with the flowers outside.  The impatiens are still blooming, and the Autumn Joy Sedum are turning a darker pink.

A Doll A Week 39/52: Daisy

This is Daisy.  She is the very first Asian Ball Jointed Doll to come to our house, arriving on July 10, 2006.  She was called "Little Gienie Lilica" by Angel Region.  She is a tiny little girl with big personality.  She can wear clothes made for Barbie's littlest sister, Kelly.  She is about 10 years old, and loves to go places whenever she has a chance to.  Because she is so little, she can!