Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yesterday, the University of Maryland's unranked football team, the Terps, played number 10 Rutgers at an away game. We watched it on the television at home. It was a very exciting game, with MD winning 34- 24. Congratulations, Terps!

We love Testudo!

More about the game here:
More about our mascot here:


- Samantha

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Signs of Fall

Here are some of the first signs of Fall at our house. The Autumn Joy Sedum is changing from pale green to a rose-pink color. It will get darker as Fall progresses.

The bees were buzzing all around the flower heads.

Jen calls this flower a volunteer. We had these annuals in the garden last year, and a few volunteered to come back again. The tomato plants are gone, so these really stand out now!

It might not be a Fall flower, but it sure is a bright Fall color. Soon, we might be finding leaves these colors!

- Samantha

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Bear Census?

Jen decided to join a new group on Yahoo! called Teddy Bears Picnic. She has been working on making a house for some tiny bears and furnishings that she is planning to make from some discontinued Gail Wilson kits that have been under her bed for a long time. She thought having some friends to talk bears with would be fun and might motivate her to keep playing with her bears.

I think Jen's OCD tendencies kicked in and she thought that it would be a good idea to see just what bears are living here. Bears are a lot like Hittys. You invite one to live with you, and before you know it, their family, friends and distant relatives are all coming to visit and never leave. I helped her begin her project to document all of the bears who live here. We didn't even finish taking photos of the hug living in the family room when the battery in the camera died. This project could take a while! We are only taking a census of bears. Hares, sheep, kittens and puppies are not going to be counted on grounds that it might incriminate us. I took a few pictures of my bears, even though I love my bunny the best! So, here are some photos from this afternoon.

This bear came with my plaid dress and sweater I was wearing in the last post:

This bear was given to me by Erica and Maggie when I came to live here. They are Sissel Skille girls. They received this bear in a swap. It was nice of them to share her with me.

Here I am with some of the bears who were waiting for their turn to get their picture taken.

It was a very nice day.

You can see the rest of the pictures we took in Jen's Picasa album, here:

- Samantha

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Getting Ready for Fall

Sometimes hard work pays off! We've been cleaning up, cleaning out and getting organized, and it has finally paid off for me with a little second-hand clothing find! Jen found this dress on an old teddy bear. The bear was not in very good condition, so she will be going in the charity bin, but the dress was pretty, if you could overlook the buttons with the worn off covers. Jen replaced the buttons and put a few darts in the back, and now it is perfect for this time of year when it is warm outside, but your mind is racing towards fall.

It looks very nice with my brown patent leather mary janes, too, don't ya think? Even better, the dress had a little sweater to go with it. Perfect for when those chilly morning and evenings come. Jen sewed a button and loop on it so that it wouldn't slip off my shoulders; it is a bit big for me, but it is soft and comfy.

I think this outfit would be perfect for going back to school!

- Samantha