Saturday, September 1, 2007

Getting Ready for Fall

Sometimes hard work pays off! We've been cleaning up, cleaning out and getting organized, and it has finally paid off for me with a little second-hand clothing find! Jen found this dress on an old teddy bear. The bear was not in very good condition, so she will be going in the charity bin, but the dress was pretty, if you could overlook the buttons with the worn off covers. Jen replaced the buttons and put a few darts in the back, and now it is perfect for this time of year when it is warm outside, but your mind is racing towards fall.

It looks very nice with my brown patent leather mary janes, too, don't ya think? Even better, the dress had a little sweater to go with it. Perfect for when those chilly morning and evenings come. Jen sewed a button and loop on it so that it wouldn't slip off my shoulders; it is a bit big for me, but it is soft and comfy.

I think this outfit would be perfect for going back to school!

- Samantha


Anonymous said...

Samantha, your dress is absolutely lovely! Evie would really like to have the same kind of look with plaids and collars and buttons. We especially like the colours.

stephsojourn said...

Dear Samantha,

I just found your and Jen's blog. Your blessed to have such a talented companion. You truly are lovely and it's fun to read about your life.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely outfit, Samanatha! Nara would love to have one like that, too! Have a great fall day.