Saturday, August 18, 2007


I am so tired, I think I must be exhausted. For some reason, August seems to be the month that this family works the hardest! They must realized that the kids will soon be back to school and put everything they've been putting off doing on their "to do" list. This month, I've seen walls washed, floors scrubbed and polished, the refrigerator and freezer cleaned out, curtains washed, and windows tinted with UV film! To top it off, today was spent cleaning out the basement. They aren't done yet, there is more work to do tomorrow. Sigh. I've tried to help by cleaning up my things, but I guess you might have noticed that there are a few things under my bed that still need to be put away. Don't tell Jen, okay? I'll take care of it...tomorrow.



Anonymous said...


You're a good kid!
Sleep tight...

Miss Gladys

Jen said...

Thank you, Miss Gladys. I'm feeling better now. I only wish I could help more! - Samantha