Monday, March 24, 2008

A Visit to Grandma's House

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. We went to Grandma's house for dinner. Grandma and Grandaddy have a bird feeder, bird houses and a bird bath, so they have a lot of birds visit their yard. The kids borrowed Jen's camera to go outside. W. was going to sit quietly and wait for the birds to come so that he could take their pictures, but then M. decided to go outside too. As they walked around the yard, they discovered a strange bird was following them. They decided to take its picture. They took a lot of pictures of the bird all around the yard. Here he is by the daffodils. We call this one "Daffy Duck."

Wendy went to Grandma's and got to look around her garden, too. Here she is by Grandma's favorite Lenten Rose. We only have one Lenten Rose, but Grandma has a lot of them!

Jen made a new dress for Wendy last week, so she wanted to wear her new dress for Easter. It has blue cherries on it.

Jen wanted to take more pictures of Wendy at Grandma's house, but the kids took so many pictures of the crazy bird and Grandma's flowers, that the camera battery quit.

More later


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