Thursday, May 15, 2008

Family Ties

Stranger: Thank you for letting me come in and rest. It has been a long journey from Colorado.

Stranger: Do you think I will have to wait very long to see Samantha? It has been so long since we've seen each other. Where is she? I thought she'd be waiting for me.

Jen: She's been waiting for days! It won't be long, she's just practicing her guitar lessons to pass the time. That's probably why she didn't hear you come in. I'll go get her. Just rest here.

Stranger: I am so excited to see her.

Stranger: I wonder how much she's grown up? Will she be the little girl I remember?

Samanath: Catherine! I'm so happy to see you!!! How was your trip? Did you bring anything for me? Will you stay here forever? I want to hear about Colorado and your trip!
Catherine: Oh, slow down! We'll have a lot of time to talk. I'm planning to be here a long time. We'll never be apart again. I want to spend a lot of time with my little sister. I've missed you so much.

Samantha: I've missed you, too. Jen has been a great friend to me since I've come here, but it isn't the same.
Catherine: Oh, Samantha. I've missed you, too. I love you.
Catherine: Thank you, Jen, for taking such good care of my little sister.

Samantha: Yes, thank you, Jen, for letting Catherine come here, too!


giveGodtheglory said...

Catherine is so pretty! My Wendy and the rest of the bunch say hi.

Anonymous said...

Catherine is very lovely. Is she a Souldoll or ??

Jen said...

Catherine is a Souldoll Byeol. She is wonderful!