Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday night dance

Samantha:  Catherine, did you go to dances when you were in Middle School?  Jen's daughter went to one last night, and it sounded fun.Catherine:  Sure I did.  What did M. have to say about hers?

Samantha:  They played lots of cool music and had special colored lights that flashed and had a  smoke machine.  She talked to her friends and danced to the songs that she liked.  They did the Macarena and the limbo and even danced to Thriller!

Catherine:  Hmmmm.  Did you know Jen was a chaperone at the dance?

Catherine:  She told me about the dance, too.  Did you know that the smoke machine's fog set off the smoke detectors?  Everyone had to go outside and stand in the cold for about 20 minutes.  A fire engine came to check things out.  When they went back in, they had to take turns signing back into the dance so they could make sure everyone who came to the dance returned to the dance. Then a sixth grade girl got sick and threw up in the bathroom and had to go home.  Then another sixth grade girl got upset and refused to come out of the bathroom.  A teacher finally talked her out.

Samantha:  Well, I still think most of the kids had fun most of the time.

Catherine:  Yes, you are probably right about that.

Samantha:  So when will I get to go to a dance?

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