Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Snow

It started to snow around 10 PM on Friday night.  It snowed all day on Saturday and into the night.  The news people's map displayed our county as pink - which means we were having blizzard conditions most of the day. Our unofficial measurement was around 22 inches, but since our yard is full of little dips and hills, maybe it was more or less.  Who knows?
On Sunday morning, I had to run out and see what it was like.  It was a sunny, crisp morning.  The snow was really too deep for me to play in - over my head in some spots, so I just grabbed a few pics and headed back indoors! The last picture is what our house looked like before the rest of the family did some serious digging out.  The little path is what had been shoveled out on Saturday night for the doggies to walk around.

- Samantha

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Mother Goose said...

Jen, it is beautiful.