Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some New Clothes

I committed to doing a swap with a dear friend.  I am making her some amigurumi, and she has made me some wonderful tops and bottoms for my Leeann size girls.  As much as I enjoy sewing for my dolls, sewing with knits is something I feel really challenging.  All the girls were so excited to have something comfy to lounge around in.  While some of the clothes look more like Spring, the girls said "so crank up the heat - we aren't going to go out in that blizzard anyway!"  Yes, it has been snowing since noon yesterday and isn't going to stop until around 8 or 9 tonight.  We had 23" at 9 AM, so yes, we are all staying indoors anyway!

Don't all the girls look happy?



Marlowe said...

Everyone looks very warm and comfy!

Jen said...

Yes, they are very comfy! These tops and bottoms were intended to be mixed and matched with other separates, but the girls were all too impatient to wait for that! They wanted to wear everything right away!

Thanks for visiting our blog!

all4dolls said...

The clothes all look so nice. Will you show pics of the amigurumi you made, too? We love those! Mia and Eva

Jen said...

Thanks, Mia and Eva! There are some pictures of amigurumi on my other blog:

They are fun and not too hard to do! Thanks for dropping by!