Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Doll A Week 25/52: Mini Molly

This is Mini Molly.  She is one of 5 American Girl mini dolls that came last Christmas from Amazon (the others are Kirsten, Nellie, Emily and Kit).  I wasn't sure if they were going to be dolls for dolls, or a little collection of the American Girl Historic dolls, or something else? I've been reading a lot on the American Girl Playthings message forum in the General Posts, but hadn't paid to much attention to the minis. Then one of my friends started a Flickr project that involved taking a picture of Fina (her mini-Josefina) every day.  There's also a Flickr group, just for the American Girl Mini Dolls! That started me thinking that I might be missing out on some fun that I could have without spending any money! So I started looking at the AGPlaythings mini-forum, and saw some suggestions about travel dolls, and some people have shared their pictures.  Some people recommended Kaya, Addy and Josefina because their hair holds up well with traveling.  Well, Molly has braids, and her bangs aren't really all that bad.
I also have been sewing some Hitty dresses for Hitty Rachel Raikes.  Hmmm.  Why not see if one of the dresses would fit Molly?  Well, almost as soon as I took Mini-Molly's meet sweater and skirt off of her, she was jumping for joy: "Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I know you have cold air in your house, but it is just way too hot outside for wool sweaters!"  We tried on the Hitty dress, and it fit, but the skirt was way too long - a 1940's girl isn't going to wear an ankle length skirt!  At least we have a pattern that we know will work, so we're going to try to make something soon.  In the mean time, we got out the Lati Yellow dresses.  Most were too short, but this one seemed acceptable at just above the knees.  Molly deemed it better than wool, and said she'd wear it until we could make some more clothes for her.  She's still wearing her black Mary Janes, but maybe we'll play with shoes sometime soon, too.
Since Molly has come alive, she's stowed away in my purse to go to church, work, a doctor appointment, and a trip to the high school to register daughter for her freshman year.  She likes going on adventures very much and is hoping to go on a lot more!
- Jen


all4dolls said...

I can't get over how cute Molly looks in her dress!

Miss Gladys said...

Your Mini Molly is cute indeed. I have Mini Addy. She doesn't travel with me, however. She is in the Little Glass Case with many other doll friends. I ought to take her out and ask her if she feels deprived. I sure hope not!

Jen said...

Thanks, all4dolls, I was surprised myself! She is a big doll in a tiny body!

Jen said...

Miss Gladys, I think it is a good idea to talk to Mini Addy to see how she feels. Not all dolls like adventures - some are homebodies! I sometimes feel like more of a homebody myself - which might be why I like to have human or doll companions with me when I'm not at home!

Miss Gladys said...

Well, Mini Addy says she likes being a part of a gaggle of dolls and that she loves her home in the Little Glass Cabinet. That's a relief! I thought I might've been repressing her! But I may try a new Hitty outfit on her for fun. I am a homebody myself. I like to go out with a friend, too!