Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Doll A Week 31/52: Hitty Joanna Corbett

This is Hitty Joanna Corbett.  She arrived here on April 1, 2005.  She was an eBay auction win on Easter morning, and Joanna was one of the women who went to Jesus' tomb but didn't find him there.  She is harder to photograph because she has a very high sheen finish.  I love her for her simplicity.  She loves to spend time with other the other Hittys and would love to go on more adventures.  She doesn't have much stamina though, and has to sit down to rest too often for the younger Hittys!  She is a good judge of character and always looks at the heart and a person's character in choosing her friends.
Hitty Joanna Corbett

Maybe it is because she has a big heart.


Miss Gladys said...

Ms. Jen, You have the most amazing Hittys! Congratulations on your beautiful Hitty Joanna. She is very lovely even with her high sheen, lol. Miss Gladys

Jen said...

Thank you, Miss Glady! I am truly blessed to have such a great group of Hittys!