Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Doll A Week 35/52: Hitty Ginny

This is Hitty Virginia Brown, but we call her Hitty Ginny for short.  She is a Williamsburg Hitty that I adopted from her carve mother, Judy Brown, on March 7, 2009 at a Gaithersburg Doll Show.  She is a resourceful, hard working Hitty.  She loves history, especially the Colonial Period.  This week, she got a notion to work on a special project.  She's been working hard with pen and paper and has wished for fingers to help with some addition and subtraction.  She says she needs to figure out a way to preserve a special part of American History and that if all goes well, she'll tell me more in a few weeks.  I can't imagine what she's up to now!


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