Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Day at the Parade

 Today Molly got to go to a parade!  Here's Molly, waiting to get out of the car to walk to a good spot along the parade route.  The wind was cold - she wished she'd brought a jacket!

There were the usual police motor cycles and cars, and some less-usual fire trucks.  This is their "bush truck."

There was a very old fire truck:

And a fairly new one:


Ronald McDonald was in the parade, too!

There were some floats, too.

Buzz Lightyear was supporting Toys For Tots!
We were waiting for the marching band to come!
But we only got the back of our favorite trumpet player!
The band brought their Eagle friend, too. 

There were some cool old cars in the parade, too. 

A lot of local businesses were handing out things like pens, flags and footback schedule magnets with their business cards.  Some of the floats and cars threw candy out to the kids standing by the parade route, and one truck had a t-shirt launching gun - we saw a shirt land on the roof of the building near where we were standing. 
 There was a lot to see, and it was a very exciting afternoon.


Miss Gladys said...

Molly looks like she had a wonderful time!

Bama said...

Hi! I love your blog! I especially enjoyed seeing your Hitty dolls.

Your little Molly is adorable too!