Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meet Lila

Lilian ful length, originally uploaded by JLP2000.

Lila was formerly known as Lilian by the Hearts for Hearts company. She joined our household a little over a week ago. This is here "meet outfit." She has a proportionally large head compared to her body, but I like that - after all, some of my favorite characters have large heads: Charlie Brown and the Peanuts, Ziggy, the kids in Joan Walsh Anglund art work, the Lati Yellow BJD kids, and Lalaloopsys! I think Lila probably is closer to "normal" than any of those. But she isn't as extreme as Blythe. I am trying my best resist her!


Bama said...

She is lovely! I am smitten with this doll line too, but trying hard to resist. I love Dell, Consuelo and Tipi, but the others are just as lovely.
Congrats on your new addition!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Lila is cute! She looks like she would make a great companion. Just sayin. Good luck with the resistance, but I think it may be futile. :)

Mother Goose said...

Glad Lila joined your family. Delta joined ours on Monday and I love her.

Bama said...

Me again.......Jen, do you still have your Jody/Eileen? I just ordered a DIM Eileen and need to know what size eyes, clothes & shoes she can wear? If you can help me with this, I'd be ever so grateful. Thanks in advance!

Jen said...

Congratulations on getting your DIM Sweet Eileen! Did you get the resin or new vinyl version? I do have mine still (she is Hannah - Jodi is a Bambicrony Roko - their faces are similar, but Hannah is taller).
Hannah has 14mm eyes and 47mm shoes. She is thinner than the 10" Anne Estelle dolls. I have made most of her clothes, but she does have a pair of khaki pants that were made for Ken that fit very well!
Have fun with your new girl!

Bama said...

Thanks Jen! I got the soft vinyl version. I can hardly wait for her to arrive so I can start playing! :o)
Sorry that I got them mixed up. For the shoes, did you mean 4.7?
So she can wear Ann Estelle's clothes okay, but they will be a little loose? I am so shocked that she can wear Ken's pants! She looks thicker than that in all the photos I have seen. But that's good to know. Should be easy to find clothes for her. Can she wear Ken's shirts too? She might decide to be a little tomboy! LOL!
Thanks again!

Jen said...

I don't have a lot of Ken shirts to try on mine. I would say that Hannah has large hands, so the sleeves need to be fairly large or have elastic or cuffs that can open and close. I would go with Boneka 10" doll clothes before AE clothes - DIM Sweet Eileen is much thinner than AE.

Bama said...

Thanks Jenn! I didn't even think about the size of her hands being an issue. Your help is much appreciated! :o)