Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Suzannah and Emmaline

Suzannah and Emmaline, originally uploaded by JLP2000.

Suzannah has been here since December 6, 2010. While she was happy to see her 17" twin sisters arrive here, she missed the other little orphan sisters. A lot. So, when she heard that little Emmaline would be coming to live here soon, she waited. She tried to be patient, but when Emmaline finally arrived, Suzannah was the first to greet her. Don't they look happy to be together again? They are looking forward to when Meg can come. Maybe they can bake some Thanksgiving pies together!


Bama said...

So cute! I will be happy to have all seven little girls here. So far, we have both twins, Meg & Emmaline. They are all so sweet!

Anonymous said...

They do look really happy to be together. Congratulations to them both and baking Thanksgiving pies with Meg sounds lovely. I hope it works out.