Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marie-Grace Summer Outfit

Mari-Grace has some advice for how a young lady can look pretty, and keep her cool:

Find a hat with a nice big brim to shade the sun from your face and keep your head cool.

Little cap sleeves are cooler than something longer or more fitted.

Hoops keep your skirt from sticking to your legs, just sit carefully, or you may feel a little silly showing everyone your pretty pantaloons!



Miranda Ixie said...

Mari-Grace looks very pretty and cool! I never could get the hang of hoop skirts, but she seems to wear them like it's 2nd nature to her! Very nice!

Jen said...

Why thank you, Miranda! I imagine when it is all you've ever known, it is easier to adjust than someone who has been through an entire evolution of fashion. You always seem very comfortable with yourself! Thanks for visiting the blog!

Anonymous said...

Marie Grace looks very cool indeed. What a perfect outfit to wear while enjoying the gardens.