Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Undoing Mistakes

In 2004, I bought 3 Tonner Mary Engelbreit dolls:  Queen Ann Estelle, Sunshine Sophie and Basic Sophie.  Four years later, when I was totally wrapped up in ABJD's, I sold them in order to be able to purchase an SD Souldoll Byeol (who ended up being Catherine).   As much as I love Catherine, and as much as Samantha enjoys having her big sis around, I eventually came to regret selling my AE's.  I love the early ones without the bending knees.  I likes how easily I could plunk them down and get them to stand up and not have to be posed carefully to do it.   I loved having a huge assortment of patterns from the web and in books that I could use to sew for her - without having to do a lot of adjustments.  My AE's had fantastic thick wigs, and I didn't have to worry about messing up fragile eyelashes.  Don't get me wrong, I love the beauty of BJD's, but for a perfect travel doll, Ann Estelle just can't be beat - not too big to carry, not too small to get lost in a photo, not to fragile.  Ann was my perfect doll.  I sold her.  I regretted it.  I missed Ann (and my Sohpies, too).  

This month, I finally decided to ignore the glitz of the latest "new and shiny" doll, and fix a mistake I made 4 years ago.  I found another Ann Estelle, and brought her home.  I found a 1999 Classic Sailor Ann Estelle on eBay.  After a few days of trying to decide, I hit the "BIN" button.  The seller was excellent - a 6:30 AM purchase on a Tuesday was here by 2 on Thursday!  All her accessories were unopened, in the box.  Of course, I never leave a doll in a box, so here's Ann Estelle.  I like the box, so I will probably keep it, something I rarely do.

Ann Estelle with all her accessories

Ann Estelle - Again

Life is good!


Serenata said...

She is really cute, so glad you managed to find such a lovely girl to replace your missed ones.

Bama said...

Good for you! She is beautiful! The straight leg ones are my favorites too. She looks brand new! I'm happy that you were able to find her in such wonderful condition.


free_to_dream said...

Congrats on your Ann! My Anne (NOT an Ann Estelle, just shares the name) welcomes her too.


all4dolls said...

I'm happy you found an Ann to replace the ones you let go. I have a Linda McCall that is the same body, but different face mold. She will definitely stay here. It's good to figure out what we really like.

AuntLou said...

Someday... maybe. In the mean time I shall enjoy yours. :)