Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hearts 4 Hearts Mosi

I have been waiting for this doll for more than a year.  Hearts4Hearts Girls fans were hoping she would be released during the Summer 2012 release (when Lauryce - now known as Lisa - came here).  There were some delays, and  finally the company announced to their fans that she was on her way to stores a week or two ago.  I've been regularly checking Amazon (since the Target site always says they have H4H dolls, but the selection is never what the web says).  I finally spotted her this week on Amazon, and ordered her right away.  I was lucky, because she was sold out by the evening.  I feel really lucky to see her when I did and was able to decide quickly - there are a lot of fans who will have to wait longer.

Hearts 4 Hearts Mosi

I am excited to have another Native American doll in my collection.  My husband's grandmother (mom's mom) was part Indian (Cherokee?), and his father told him there was Indian on his side of the family as well.

She is a really cute doll - even more adorable than in photos. 

I took this photo using something I learned this week in my Intermediate/Advanced Digital Photography class -  how to meter and adjust the flash strength when in a backlit situation.  I'm really glad I know how to deal with that now - will make winter/indoor photography so much easier!  


Bama @ Dolls of an Era said...

She is beautiful, Jenn! Congrats!

Miranda Ixie said...

She's so cute! What a sweet face!