Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer's Here

Summer is finally here! I went outside to see how things are going in our yard. The windchime was making pretty music while I stood in the shade of the crape myrtle. The hydrangeas are full and lush.

They are just beginning to bloom.

Jen planted this Pixie lily today. I wonder where the Pixie is hiding? Later this week, W. & the kids are going to get rocks to put down on the landscape fabric to keep the weeds out and the water in.

The tomatoes are still green. But there are a lot of them and they are getting bigger and bigger!

Remember when the marigold seedlings got dumped? Well, they seem to be recovering very nicely.

This strange plant is very attractive to the bumble bees and wasps and even lightening bugs!

It is growing in the community open space next to our yard. Do you know what it is?

That's all for now -
- Samantha


Sophia said...

Hydrangea? That is what it looks like to me.

caterina said...

It does looka little like the hyrangea floweres, but I believe it is a milkweed plant. Lovely to have in your garden. The "milk" or plant juice is said to cure warts.

Pods form in the autumn containing flat brown seeds attached to silky white tufts that are carried by the wind.

We have a plant on the wild part of the church land that marches with ours. If there are a lot of plants, you can collect the stalks with the pods and they make a nice decoration. If they are open, I always empty the deed tufts and let the wind carry them to re-populate the plant.