Saturday, June 2, 2007

Samantha: This bed would be really nice, but the mattress is just a piece of black foam, and there's only an afghan to use as a cover. I'd really like something more.

Jen: Well, if you are patient, we can see what we can do about it.

Samantha: I need a nightgown, too. You don't expect me to sleep in my clothes, do you?


Jen: Oh, sleeping beauty.... It is time to wake up!

Too - much - bright - light...too early...must sleep... Mopsy and I wanna rest...

Jen: Silly girl, it's 9 AM, and the sun is shining in! Time to get up and enjoy the day!

Samantha: Alright, I'm getting up now. I really got a great night's sleep in my new bed! I'm so glad you were able to make my bed nice! I feel like a princess!

Samantha: So, what's for breakfast?

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, what a pretty bed and what pretty pajamas! That Samantha is so fortunate to have a friend like you!