Thursday, May 31, 2007

My First "Alice" Dress

I didn't bring any clothes with me when I came to Maryland. I borrowed a pair of pants and a top that Jen had made for a Hopscotch Hill girl that lives here. It was comfy, but I wanted something that was all mine. Jen found a free pattern on the Internet called "Alice Dress" and then we went through the fabric that she had here in her stash. I picked this out. I like the green and turquoise - they look good with my eyes. Jen embroidered the collar pieces before she cut them out. We were lucky she already had floss that matched the dress perfectly.

By the time the dress was done, I'd also gotten a new wig. It is very long and soft and silky. I like having a choice about my hair. I am a human doll, but I'm not human and don't have to wait to grow my hair. I can choose the style and color of my hair to go with my clothes or to suit my mood. I kinda like being able to experiment. It's fun. I think this one goes well with my coloring, so I'll probably wear it a lot. I don't like going with my hair. I like to look like a GIRL!!!

I also got white patent leater mary janes to go with my dress. They are really nice. I love them. I like old-fashioned feminine clothes a lot.

- Samantha


Anonymous said...

Jen, I love your blog and Samantha is a beautiful girl! I just love the Soulkids! And actually I was torn between the Snyder and Sweeney sculpts. But as you know, the Snyder won out. Samantha's new dress is gorgeous and your embroidery on the collar is very very nice! You must be a seasoned doll dress seamstress. Thank you for visiting my blog Hummingbird Corner and for your encouraging words. I will visit you and Samantha often. God bless you! Miss Gladys

Matia said...

You write very well.