Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Hair

Jen is always on the lookout for the perfect purse.  She's had a lot of them come and go.  In January, she found one that she's really liked and is actually thinking that in the fall, she'll get the same one in different colors. For me, finding the perfect wig has been a challenge.

Some girls who live here find the perfect hair from the very beginning.  Nothing else works.  I haven't been that lucky - until now.  I liked my strawberry reddish blonde curls, but they were hard to take care of everyday.  I liked the last wig - a brown Lati wig, but the color wasn't quite right.

Then, one night, we were looking at a new friend's photos on the web.  An unexpected wig arrived with her, that looked nice on her, but she never really got attached to it - she was more of a wild, curly hair kinda girl.  But we knew it was exactly what we've been looking for!  Before anyone else could have the same idea, we wrote to the companion and said "if you decide to sell it, please let us know" - and the deal was done that night!  

I'm thrilled with my new hair.  I think it suits my coloring and my style perfectly.  What do you think?

- Samantha

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Anonymous said...

We think your new hair is absolutely perfect!