Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wendy's Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday was chore day - laundry, cleaning and running around.

Sunday was nice, patriotic church service.  Grandma, Granddaddy and Me-me (great-grandma) came over for cook out.  Grandma looked at my new dresses Mommy made me, and told Mommy I needed to wear patriotic dress.  We watched Night At the Museum.  I liked it a lot, especially Rex and Dexter.

Monday was rainy day.  We went to mall to see M's mosaic box she made in Crafting class on display in glass case with others from her class.  We went to book store, too.  Ate dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise - Daddy had a gift certificate from last winter! We tried fried dill pickles, but liked sweet potatoe chips better. 

When I climbed out of Mommy's purse, I had very fuzzy, messy hair.  I will need to wear other hair for going out next time.

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