Saturday, June 6, 2009

World Doll Day...

Wendy: Wow, it looks like the clouds might finally be going away.  Maybe I can go outside and play with my bunnies...

Wendy:  Hi, did you come to see me?

Wendy:  This is my bed.  I can kneel on it and look out the window.

Amy:  Hi, I'm Wendy's sister, Amy.  And this is our kitty, Koko.  He likes to look out the window, too.

Wendy:  I really like my room.  I'm going to put up some posters and get a nice comfy rug to sit on when we play dolls with our dollhouses. 

Amy:  Hey, that sounds like a fun way to spend World Doll Day!  Let's play dolls!

Wendy:  Okay, we can go outside later.  Come see us again sometime, okay?

Amy:  Right, come back soon.  Until then, Happy World Doll Day!

1 comment:

Folk Artist K Arthur said...

these dolls are so cute! can i move in with them?