Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Doll a Week 1/52: AG Kirsten

All of the doll companions got together and decided we'd give it our best try. We joined the "A Doll A Week" group on Flickr. That means we are going to try to post one doll photo every week that we share with that group. We also decided that we could post more about the picture on our blog, so that you'll hear from us at least once each week this year.

Here is week one!

This is American Girl Kirsten.   Sometime in the 1980's, when Jen came from from college to visit her family, her mother had a wonderful catalog from a company called The Pleasant Company.  She studied that catalog for a long time and wished that she was a little girl again so that she could have such a wonderful doll and all of the dolls clothes and accessories.  She loved them all and couldn't imagine which one she would pick, but it didn't matter, because she was "too old for dolls."  Still, the pictures from that catalog stayed in her mind.

Years later, Jen had a baby girl.  Wouldn't it be fun to share a love of dolls with her daughter?  Perhaps when she got a Bitty Baby for her little toddler, she could indulge herself in a special doll for herself.  It wasn't long until Kirsten came to our home.  Jen had purchased some porcelain dolls as an adult, but this was her first "play doll."  Kirsten got some additional shoes and clothing and Jen even made her a nightgown (which was given to a doll of the little toddler who is now a teenager!).  Kirsten has helped Jen realize that you really are never too old to play with dolls, and for that, all the dolls here hold her in very high regard!

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all4dolls said...

That is such a sweet story! Kirsten is adorable and knows how to dress in winter. ;)