Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Doll A Week 3/52: Samantha!

Samantha insisted that I not wait any longer - it was her turn to be featured as the doll of the week.  Samantha has lived here for almost 3 years.  She's a lot of fun and has the biggest wardrobe of all my dolls, yet I've only sewn for her a few times!  Her wardrobe is mostly from Build A  Bear's Friends 2 B Made line (lucky Sam to get those while she could!).  Today she is wearing a wonderful hand knit sweater and slacks from a dear friend, Connie.  We had a swap and Samantha made out really well.

Samantha has her bunny with her a lot these days.  He's quite cuddly and comforting, and they enjoy each other's company.  They love to follow Gage.   Samantha hopes that 2010 will bring her more opportunities to get out and have adventures in the big wide world - but today we are stuck inside - it has rained ALL DAY! 

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