Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Doll A Week 27/52: Jodi

This is Jodi.  She is a Bambicrony Roko (v.1).  She came to live her April 2, 2007.  At first, we thought her name was Lily, but we later found out that she was just missing her sister.  She is named after the main character in the Yada Yada Prayer group book series, but is not Jodi Baxter.  She loves to try out new hairdos and outfits - she's probably worn more different hair styles and colors than any other doll that lives here!  She also loves playing with the younger children and cuddling stuffed animals.


Miss Gladys said...

Your Jodi is so cute, Jen. Was her dress made by you or by Boneka? It is really lovely!hydro

Jen said...

Thank you, Miss Gladys! Her dress is one by Boneka. It is one of my favorites!

Miss Gladys said...

Boneka makes lovely doll clothes!