Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Doll A Week 29/52: Julie

Please meet Julie!  She is the new kid here.  Mini Molly and e-mail friend Connie helped me pick her out at the American Girl store in Atlanta.  I never really cared for Julie until I saw her in person.  There was something about her that just grabbed me.  I think she's the only brown-eyed blond in my doll collection.  Her hair is soft and silky and her face mold is different than my other AG's.  I researched Julie on the American Girl doll forums and found out that her birthday is only a few months earlier than mine!  We are the same age, but she's trapped in time at 8 years old in the 70's.

Before I went on vacation, I went to Savage Mills during my lunch hour to buy fabric for the American Girl Fans Message Forum at "And Sew It Goes" (a great quilt shop).  I picked out this fabric in Moda's Sweetwater line because I thought my daughter would like it (I hope to make her dolls a few dresses, too) and sometimes Emily likes to time travel to the 1970's.  I had no idea that I'd end up bringing Julie home with me!

So, for my first Saturday at home after returning from out trip, I spent the day sewing.  Both girls got new dresses.  I wanted to photograph them right away.  It is so hot outside my camera lens fogged up and a lot of my pictures didn't turn out. The heat ndex today was supposed to get to 108 to 110 F.  The sun is making the dresses look a little faded paler than they really are.  The thread that I used for the trim on Julie's sundress was called Raspberry Pie - doesn't that sound good?

Stay cool!


Ani said...

Hello! My name is Ani, I live in Wilmington, NC. I've been reading your blog for some time now and have meant many a time to write and let you know how much I enjoy your posts about all of your dolls. I found your blog a little over a year ago when researching Souldoll Soulkids and found your Samantha! :0) I too sew, quilt, play with dolls and teddys, and try to not buy too many as the room is scarce at my home. BFN, Ani

Jen said...

Hi Ani! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! Did you get a Soulkid? My house isn't very big - I'm always looking for ways to save space! I really like Wilmington. My DH grew up in Jacksonville and we occasionally visit family in NC. Samantha's been in NC, too.

Ani said...

Evening Jen!

No, I ended up getting a Serendipity Valentine instead - too many dolls I like, I always have a hard time making up my mind! Please visit my dolls: I don't update my blog as often as I'd like, just don't have the time. I work fulltime and have a husband who owns a restaurant, plus a 16 yr old daughter who keeps me on my toes, she finished driving school this week - yikes!

Small world as is the saying. Jacksonville is just a skip up the road from us, I like the post you did on your visit, Samantha is quite the traveler. Wilmington, as well as many other places on the map, is in the clutches of the humidity monster so it's rather unbearable to be outside. I had a yard sale today to try to create more space and just about perished in the heat.

I love the dresses you made for your AG girls, very creative, love the fabric you chose.

I'm off to bed, TTFN,

Tesla said...

What fun! Even though I didn't have any girls and no granddaughters to share with I love dolls and especially the American Girl dolls. I have Molly. I like the phrase you used, "time travel". I just thought of it as dressing out of time. LOL I love the dresses you made for your girls and look forward to seeing what you make next. My dolls are envious as I have not made anything for them in quite a while. Cissy says I should get my butt in gear and make new clothes so I can post their pictures on my blog. (What she means is, I should make her new clothes and post HER pic on my blog. LOL)

Miss Gladys said...

Julie and Emily look so groovy in the their new sundresses. So nice to hear you have a new doll friend. Have a great day, Ms. Jen!

all4dolls said...

I love your new sundresses and the fabrics you picked are so cheerful and summery. Julie is beautiful and I'd love to have her someday as well.