Saturday, April 2, 2011

We were tagged!

Hello!  We were tagged by Kiki at Kiki's Corner to write 7 things about one of us, and tag 7 people.  Kiki wrote about their person, who they call Tia, so we've decided to write about our person, too!
1.  Jen loves dolls and has all kinds of dolls, from simple Mattel playdolls, to a Souldoll, to an antique doll that belonged to a cousin of her grandfather.
2.  Jen has spent her entire life in the same county in Maryland, except for the 4 years she was in college.
3.  Jen loves animals and has had parakeets, parrotlets, cockatiels, a nanday conure, hamsters, gerbils, a rabbit, cats and dogs as pets.  Her family now has 2 cats (a torti and a calico), and 2 dogs (a schipperke and a mutt that is part beagle or foxhound).  Both dogs are about 8 years old and are beginning to have back problems!
4.  Before Jen rediscovered playing with dolls, she was an avid quilter.  She still makes quilts, but not so many.  We'd rather she sew for us!
5. Jen is lucky to not look her age.  When she was in college and dating her husband, who is only 7 months older than her, little old ladies called him a cradle robber!  Now most people are surprised when she says she has a son that's in college.
6.  Jen's not athletic at all - she took art classes and piano lessons as a kid.  Now she walks a mile or a little more every workday morning before getting ready.  She reads on her treadmill!
7.  Jen is looking forward to a vacation on the Outer Banks this summer.  Her parents invited her family and the families of both of her brothers to all go on a vacation together.  It is something they've never done before, and they thought it should happen before the oldest grandchildren start leaving home.  Each of the dolls here is trying to be well behaved and to convince her that they should go with her!
We tag:
1. Miss Gladys
2. Bama
3. Karen
4. Elisa
5. Sandra
6. Tracy
7. and anyone else who wants to play!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!
Here are my tag answers!
1.Gladys loves dolls and enjoys all kinds including Blythe, Bleuette, BJDs, antique and Hawaiian bobble dolls.
2.Gladys was born in Saitama-ken, Japan.
3.Gladys had two parakeets once- Miss Iris and Chuck Avocado.
4. Gladys is also an art doll maker.
5.Gladys looks Hawaiian and many people ask her if she is from the “Islands.”
6.Gladys spent two semesters in a private art college. It was a lot of fun, but hard work!
7.Gladys would like to go to the Islands one day.
(I no longer have a blog...)

Jen said...

Glad you dropped by to visit my blog! I am sorry you no longer have a blog. I enjoyed seeing your posts. I hope you are doing well.