Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jodi's new hair do

Jodi has never really been very happy with her hair.  She's had hair that looked good, but was too small; hair that was too heavy; hair with too many has been very hard to find something she liked.
Right before Easter, she was changing into a more summery dress, and decided to go through the bag of wigs. She found a new wig that fits nicely and is different from everyone else who lives here.  Neither of us know just when this wig arrived, what wig it is, or why it was here.  We don't care, if Jodi likes it, that is all that counts.  It could probably be restyled a bit, but that will have to wait.


Bama said...

Looks very cute on Jodi. It makes her look very delicate and sophisticated.

Priestess of Nothing said...

Mystery wigs can be the best. It was clearly just meant to be hers. :) She looks great and it's a wonderful, summery look for her. Congratulations, Jodi!