Monday, May 30, 2011

LaLaLoopsy Sunny Side Up

LaLaLoopsy Sunny Side Up, originally uploaded by JLP2000.

I go from one extreme to another these days! Here is what her creator says about her:

Sunny Side Up™ was made from a farmer's shirt and overalls. She loves waking up at dawn, caring for animals, and eating HUGE breakfasts! She has a pet chick.
Sewn on Date: October 12th (Old Farmers Day)

I brought her home from Target last Thursday night (May 26th). My husband and I like to pick up Starbucks there before going to Bible Study and if we are early enough, we'll walk through the store before picking up the coffee or frappes to take to class. When we get to the toy section, he goes to the video games and movies, and I go through the doll isles. I've been looking at the "Bitty Buttons" and "Lalaloopsy" dolls for a long time, and while I thought they were cute, they just weren't "me." I'd bought some minis for my dolls to play with and likes them a lot, but none of the "big dolls" were that exciting - until Thursday night when I first saw Sunny! She just grabbed me. I couldn't leave the store without her (I tried).

Maybe it is because I'm an early riser, too, or maybe it's because I can take her with me when I go to the beach with no worries. I don't know, but I feel a new obsession coming on!

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Bama said...

Congrats! Sunny is adorable! So glad you like these dolls and have joined the fan club too. Nice to see a friendly face over there.

The LaLas are hugely popular. I thought they were special the first time I ever saw one and figured they would be popular, but never imagined the hysteria! LOL!