Monday, January 30, 2012

An Update from Samantha

Hi Everyone!  I have been sharing this blog with so many other dolls, I thought I'd better post, so you wouldn't forget about ME, the Very Important Doll that lives here!  Leah asked for her brown wig back, and she looked so sad in a borrowed wig, that I had to give it back to her, after all, it was a custom order just for her.  So while I was looking through the wig bag, Gabrielle mentioned to me that she had a wig that she'd tried, but then decided that she wanted to keep her original curly blonde mohair wig.  She found the one she was talking about, and we agreed that it works pretty good, too.  It is human hair.  So, a blonde, french, human hair wig - chic, non?

Samantha in pink

I've picked up a new hobby, dog whispering... when you live with animals that are so much larger than you are, you need to learn how to keep the peace and make friends.  Here's a photo Jen took of me this afternoon.  I am congratulating Josie for snatching the sunny spot on the kitchen floor before the other dog or cat spotted it.  She told me that she really likes the scent of my shower gel...she said I smell like Christmas cookies, and I told her that I am almost out of my holiday shower gel, and will be back to normal in a day or two.  

  Samantha, Dog Whisperer

I still have my bunny.  She is my favorite stuffie.  I would take her everywhere with me if I could.

 Samantha with her bunny

Do you have any living animals at your house?  Do you get along with them well?  Do you have a favorite stuffie or other treasure that you'd like to take everywhere?

- Samantha


Bama said...

So nice to see Samantha again! She looks great in everything, doesn't she?

all4dolls said...

Hello, Samantha! You look lovely and happy as ever!

Anonymous said...

Hey Samantha! Your new wig looks GREAT! Congrats!

There are two gigantic dogs that belong to the human roommate, but I don't have a lot to do with them. I've got my own pets: Bean, my bunny and my cat, Meowzart. Baxter used to be my dog, but he lives with Devika now.

Your bunny stuffie is very cute. I don't blame you for wanting to take her everywhere.

Glad to hear from you, though you're very kind to share your blog with all those other dolls too.

- Miri

Minerva Webb said...

I have a small stuffed fox that is very special to me. A monstrous size tortoiseshell cat lives in my house as well, but considers herself too important to pay attention to almost everyone.

Ani said...

Samantha is just as lovely as the first day I saw her while researching bjds, was so happy to have found your doll blog too! I need to take more photos of my dolls and my bears too. I need a new camera though, mine is old old and doesn't take good closeups.

free_to_dream said...

My doll companion, Anne, has a moose hand puppet named Thurgood to whom she is very attached. If we go anywhere over night, Thurgood comes too!