Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blue eyed pouters

My blue eyed, pouty girls, originally uploaded by JLP2000.

Can you figure out why my blue eyed girls look so pouty? Could it be because it was going to be 90 degrees and it is only April? Could it be because the weatherman has said that it will be cool and rainy this weekend? Or maybe it is just because they have to stand still to get their picture taken when they'd rather play?
Heather, Amelia and Mary are my newest Kidz n Cats girls, who have been sneaking in over the past month or so. It is hard to resist paying their travel fees when there are really good sales to be had! Heather and Ameila are still wearing what they had on when they arrived - maybe that's why they are pouting. Mary had to change her clothes - a heavy coat and thick tights just was too warm for this year's early Spring. She's wearing an Our Generation outfit - the pants have a saftey pin in back - I hope it isn't poking her - maybe that's why she's pouting!
I have a feeling these little blue eyed pouters might be able to twist me around their little fingers!

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Bama said...

Oh my goodness! How sweet! I adore Amber and hope one will come to live with me someday. Congrats on your new girls. They are all adorable! :o)