Monday, April 30, 2012

Sisters in Spirit

Brigitte found a friend rather quickly...

Kirsten and Brigitte

Sharing secrets


Sweet Sisters?!

They could easily be sisters, although they come from different European roots. Brigitte is borrowing one of Kirsten's dresses, just to see how it would fit. It is about 1/2" wide, but the apron makes taking in the waist in the back rather easy. The dress is a bit long, but Kirsten's seem a tad short to me, so maybe they balance each other out!!?!!


Bama said...

Very sweet! They make darling sisters!

free_to_dream said...

I can't get over these photos! SO sweet--and realistically posed as well!

Jen said...

Thanks! I just take a lot of photos and different poses and hope that a few will turn out. I always end up deleting more than I keep, and then only post some of those. It isn't unusual to take 30 or 40 photos and only use a couple!
When they become "real" it is easier to get the poses.