Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Hearts for Hearts Girls

More Hearts for Hearts girls have arrived at our house!  Tipi arrived via the Postal Bus on August 27th.  She is from Laos.

Tip from Laos

Then Tilly followed us home from Target on September 2nd. She is from Brazil. Originally, her name was Zelia, but she insists on being called Tilly.

Now known as Tilly

Here's the entire Hearts for Hearts group at our house.  Tilly, Tipi, Lila, Anita, Lisa and Dory.

All My Hearts for Hearts Girls

Lila acts sweet and innocent, but she could barely stand still for the photo - she wanted to kick off her shoes and run barefoot through the grass.


beastsbelle said...

What a beautiful group of gals! :) I always enjoy your photography. :) Welcome, Tipi and Tilly! :D

Bama said...

They are such pretty dolls! I love them all! The new ones are very cute too. We have a Lilian here that belongs to my granddaughter.

Jen said...

Thank you beastsbelle and Bama for your kind words! I really like taking photos of my dolls to share with doll-loving friends!

Serenata said...

Gosh you have a lovely group of girls now Jen, they look very happy in their lovely outfits as well.

Thanks for the link as well :-)