Saturday, September 15, 2012

When you find yourself wanting cute little baby clothes...

When you find yourself falling in love with adorable little outfits for a baby-type doll, it is really hard to resist.  Especially when you discover your favorites on close-out sales!  These adorable outfits have been making their way into my orders, even when there was "no one" here to where them.  So, in July, I finally gave in and made arrangements to bring home an adorable, cuddly pair of twins.

Meet Jack:

Jack in the apple tree

And Jill:


Then, in August, my darling, almost 17 year old daughter, was cleaning out her closet (a huge undertaking - I rarely venture into her room), she brought her Bitty Baby to me and said that I could take care of her for her.  She brought me her suitcase, moses basket, feeding chair, and an assortment of clothes (I know there are more Bitty Baby clothes mixed in with her other AG doll clothes)!  I managed to remove a couple white marks from the bck of Bitty's head, fade an ink mark on her leg, and get her nice and cleaned up.  While DD named her Corolle baby (her first, which she is keeping in her room), Bitty Baby has always been Bitty.  So, here she is in a new outfit:

Bitty Baby in the tree

Bitty is about 15 years old, but still a wonderful, darling baby.


Char (Doll Diaries) said...

I can't believe I just found your site, but I could literally spend hours on it. I love the diversity of your collection and your photography is amazing. Your site was included in this month's Spotlight Site series at Doll Diaries.

Miranda Ixie said...

Very cute! I've always worried that if we leave clothes in the house that no one can wear right now, it'll draw a doll that can wear them. This just proves it! But in your case, it turned out adorable and sweet. They're all so cute. Congratulations!

beachbabydoll1 said...

I love baby dolls! I have a very old one that my aunt had as a little girl, about 1921, that makes her 91 and she too is still a sweet baby. I guess I am getting excited about babies 'cause I am expecting my first grandchild. I love the Cabbage Patch babies too. Just found your blog. Great job! Sylvia

Bama said...

How sweet! My granddaughter has a set of the first Bitty Twins. I love their outfits. So cute!
Congrats on your new babies!