Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bleuettes and a Rosette

I just love history!  I hadn't heard of Downton Abbey until fairly recently, but watching one episode on Netflix was all it took, and I was hooked.  I think my husband, daughter and I watched all three seasons in only a few weeks - if that!
All that retro viewing has me in a "historic" frame of mind.  One thing leads to another, and before you know it, my Bleuette duo has turned into a trio, with an "older sister" Rosette repro joining into the mix!  I'm so bad at resisting these lovelies!
I took this photo late Sunday morning after church.  By Monday morning, we had snow on the ground, and now all my poor daffodils are struggling to upright themselves, even though the snow is mostly gone.

Annette with the Bleuettes

So, shall I introduce my lovely girls?  You know my first girl, Nicole Patrice.  She is a "Seeley Gold" mold made by Pat Neff, with a dark blond, human hair wig that I purchased from Janice Naibert.  She arrived June 22, 2005.   It is hard to believe she's been here almost 8 years!  She's wearing a new sleeveless dress and wool felt jacket that I made for her a few weeks ago, and brand new pale pink shoes from Georgette Bravot in France!  Oh, la, la!

Nicole Patrice

You also know Gabrielle.  She is a Unis France 301 reproduction by Madelyn Baughman.  She arrived on May 9, 2011.  She's wearing a dress that I received in a Bleuette Round Robin exchange.  My theme was "A Few of My Favorite Things," and Nicole Patrice received many lovely things inspired by one of my favorite movies (The Sound of Music).  I'm sure I have a note somewhere regarding who made it, but haven't searched it out.


Now for the new girls!  First, Chloe arrived.  Technically, I suppose you'd say she is a "Bleuette Friend."  She is a Tete Jumeau mold and was made by Candy Anderson.  She is wearing a dress I made in 2011 - The pattern, by Linda Deiner and published in a magazine in April 2004, comes from the Gautier-Languereau 1930 catalog.  Chloe's hair looks more red in the sunshine than it does when she's indoors!  She arrived on February 21st, this year.


And finanlly, the newest girl, Annette!  She is a Rosette, also by Candy Anderson.  She is the Byron mold, that is also used by Bravot. Rosette appeared in the Hiver 1955-1956 G-L catalogu,e with outfits and
accessories matching Bleuette's were available for sale.   Rosette is 35 cm tall and articulate with real lashes. The original Rosette is marked UNIS FRANCE 301 71 149, with a 3 at the base of the neck and 3 on her foot.  I suppose Annette technically isn't exactly a Rosette, since she is a different mold, but there are several Mamans who say she is, so so will I!  She is still wearing the lvoely black and white dress she arrived in, since she just got here last week, on March 20th!  I am afraid I have a long line of projects ahead of a new dress for Annette, but she might just convince me to reprioritize!

Meet Annette

I believe that there is one more Bleutte out there calling my name, but then that will be it for awhile.  The Christmas, anniversary, bonus and Mother's Day money will all be spent, and these lovelies will be demanding new patterns, fabrics, laces, ribbons, and shoes!

Adieu pour aujourd'hui, mes amis!


Serenata said...

They are all lovely Jen and your last beauty arrived on my birthday! So she must be special :-)

Jen said...

Thank you, Serenata! And belated birthday wishes to you!

Bama said...

They are all so beautiful!