Sunday, April 14, 2013

Melissa's ready for warm days!

The first half of last week was really warm for April in Maryland!  On Tuesday afternoon, my car thermometer said it was 97 degrees!  Definitely NOT typical temps.  Melissa begged me to let her put on her one-and-only and brand-new shorts outfit - Jo Flitton's Cotton Candy outfit with a knit top by her sister, Patt.  She loves it so much, that even though the temperatures are now in the more seasonal 60's, she's not ready to change into something a tad bit warmer.

Melissa's New Cotton Candy Sweater & Shorts

Melissa's New Cotton Candy Sweater & Shorts

And now she says she needs a lot of summer play clothes!  I think I'm in trouble!


Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie in her new outfit. I love her smile, so sweet.

Serenata said...

She looks so fresh and pretty in that outfit.

Bama said...

How adorable! She is such a sweetie!