Sunday, May 19, 2013

Friday Night's Preakness Celebration

On Friday evening, after work, we met a friend at Chik-Fil-A and then rode to Howard County Fairgrounds, where we caught a shuttle (school) bus to Turf Valley for a Preakness Celebration.
Can you tell what kind of celebration it was?

Preakness Celebration Balloon Festival

Here's a bigger hint:

Preakness Celebration Balloon Festival

We saw a lot of hot air balloons, but the highlight of the evening is the "Balloon Glow."  It was really cool!

Balloon Glow at Preakness Balloon Festival

The MC would count "One-Two-Three" and then everyone there would shout "Glow Please!"  And the balloon operators would try to make their balloons glow all at the same time!

Balloon Glow at Preakness Balloon Festival

We were really glad we got to see it!  If you want to see more balloon photos, they are posted here:


Bama said...

How fun! In a neighboring town, they have a balloon festival that is pretty awesome too. We have never stayed after dark so I don't know if they do this or not. But how beautiful to see! Looks like Melissa was happy to experience this too. :o)

Serenata said...

It must have been amazing to see all these balloons light up. What a fun evening.

Vicki said...

Breathtaking! We have a Balloon Fest in Ashland every 4th of July weekend...and weather permitting, the balloons sometimes fly right over our farm. A few years ago, one landed just down the country road!

Jora Sluap said...

Around here we have way too many trees to ever have hot air balloons.