Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet Violet Elisabeth

A lot of my doll-friends live with Schoenhut doll companions.  While I love wooden dolls, history and vintage/old dolls, I was able to resist the "bug" to get one for a long time.  But I was still curious, and would look occassionlly at listings for Schoenhuts.  Last month, I saw one that had a repainted face that just called out to me, so after given it some thought for a few days, I placed a bid and waited.  No one bid against me, so she was to be mine!
When she arrived, I discovered that her wig which "needed styling" would never survive anything beyond being displayed on a doll under a glass dome - not what I intended for my doll!  So, I ordered a new human hair wig in a style that I liked.
While waiting for her wig to arrive, I somehow knew her name was Violet.  Under the warm indoor lights, she had such cute, big brown eyes. That's what happens when the only dolly play you find time for is late at night!  When I finally had time to look at my doll in the sunshine, I discovered that her eyes are actually a very deep indigo violet!
I was able to get a photo of her on Saturday, before I glued down her wig.  It fits well, but the elastic made it want to pop up without the glue!

Meet Violet Elisabeth

Yesterday, we oiled her squeaky joints.  Today, I wiped down her body, glued down her wig and redressed her.  I am very glad to have her here.  Now I understand the Schoenhut love!


jenann said...

She's a lovely girl and her name suits her very well. The wig is perfect and a great style for a little girl. Do you mind sharing what make it is?

Serenata said...

She is lovely indeed

AuntLou said...

You make her hard to resist! Congratulations. :)

Bama said...

Congrats Jen! I saw your Flickr photos last night and I am thrilled for you! Violet Elizabeth is gorgeous! She looks like a new Schoenhut! I know you will really enjoy her. The longer she is with you, the more you will love her. :o)

Jen said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

The wig is from Dollspart Supply:

Vicki said...

Beautiful...The Schoenhuts cast magical spells on some of us!